Windows Phone 8 text messaging bug attack affecting Nokia Lumia 920 phones

Written on:February 18, 2013
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Nokia Lumia 920 text messaging bug

Nokia Lumia 920 suffers text messaging bug

Windows Phone 8 running on Nokia’s Lumia 920 smartphone has had a bug attack! A text messaging bug which automatically adds a second recipient to the user’s text message has been found in the Lumia 920 phone. The text messaging bug gets activated when a text message is composed via voice and when the user proceeds to edit that message. What happens next is that the surname of the original recipient gets added but without the number. This makes the user receive an error message when s/he tries to send out the message. The text messaging bug is not first of Windows Phone 8 problems. Last year, random reboot problems were faced by HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920 users.

The text messaging bug, which was first spotted by Todd 4 Tech, has been affecting Nokia’s flagship Lumia 920 handset, but it is likely that the bug is present in other Windows Phone 8 handsets too. The text messaging bug can get activated only in a specific manner. Firstly, the user needs to trigger the voice-recognition facility of Windows Phone 8 by holding down the Windows button, then trigger the text message option by stating “text contact name”.

When the text screen has loaded with the prompt “say your message,” the user then needs to dictate the message to the phone – but, before sending, hit the pencil icon to launch manual editing mode. When the on-screen keyboard comes up, pressing “send” should theoretically send the message – but, because of the bug, the message fails.

The text messaging bug problem can be traced easily thereafter. Rather than the original single recipient, pressing the edit button somehow adds a second recipient to the message in the form of the contact’s surname – but without a valid telephone number. With no telephone number for the supposed second recipient, Windows Phone 8 is unable to send the message – resulting in an error.

Deeper investigation led to a revelation that the bug appears only when the contact list is set to sort by surname. On handsets where the contact list is sorted by first name, the message is sent correctly with only a single recipient listed. The text messaging bug issue also does not arise if the text message is sent directly after dictation with no manual editing, or is written entirely manually rather than using the phone’s voice-recognition capabilities. Although not a serious problem, it is likely to be addressed by Microsoft in near future.

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  1. Milano says:

    After reading the last sentence:
    “Although not a serious problem, it is likely to be addressed by Microsoft in near future.”

    and the title of this article, I can safely say that you are yet another anti-MSFT, Google/Apple-fanboy.

    Keep pushing.. and shame on you sir!

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