Google testing online shopping same day delivery service

Written on:March 5, 2013
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Google online shopping

Google Shopping Express apparently is less expensive that Amazon Prime

Google Shopping Express, the search engine giant’s entry into the e-commerce retail sector, is under development according to reports surfacing in the technology world. Google has been reportedly looking to diversify its operations and this might be one of the ways that the Mountain View company is expanding its business.

The same day delivery service from Google will rival the likes of Amazon Prime, eBay now, and many other such services. Google Wallet and Google Shopping have been the firm’s earlier forays in the online shopping sector, and Google Shopping Express is expected to integrate both these aspects from the firm.

The development of this service is apparently headed by Tom Fallows, an e-commerce product manager at Google. No partnerships have been announced yet, but major US retailers, like Target, Walmart, Walgreens and Safeway are expected to be linked with Google’s new service. Recent reports suggest that the service is speculated to be cheaper than Amazon Prime.

Google Shopping Express will reportedly require an annual subscription of either $69 or $64, which equals around £46 or £42 at today’s exchange rate. The subscription amount is around $10 to $15 cheaper than Amazon Prime. There is no confirmation about when Google Shopping Express will start shipping.

Google could also utilise its recent acquisitions, BufferBox and Channel Intelligence in the development of its new service. BufferBox provides delivery lockers which can be used to provide easy shipment options while Channel Intelligence’s data-management platform could be used to coordinate sales and delivery.

With lack of details about the partnerships and subscription pertaining to Google Shopping Express, the existence of this service still remains uncertain. What do you think about Google’s alleged new service?

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  1. do_not_call says:

    I guess this impending assault on Amazon’s core turf means its even less likely that we’ll see Amazon’s results in Google Shopping (Amazon has been missing since Google shifted to a “pay to play” model last fall).

    I still use Google Shopping, but I’ve added the Chrome Extension “Shopping Enhancer” — it adds the missing Amazon results back into Google Shopping –

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