Must-own apps for the Apple iPad Mini

Written on:March 14, 2013
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iPad mini apps

iPad mini apps

With over 300,000 applications ready to be downloaded, the Apple iPad Mini offers the widest range of applications over almost every category that you can imagine. In addition to the built in applications, there is a wide variety to choose from but being selective when downloading applications, either available free of cost or at a price tag, is the key in getting the most out of your iPad mini.

What iPad Mini apps should I Download?

From applications for creating eBooks, apps for fun and for enhancing the functionality of your iPad, here is a list of the best that has been chosen for you:

•Noteshelf: Sketch your ideas or write your notes on the iPad Mini by downloading the Noteshelf app. The application also provides the option of a custom paper design, which gives the user the freedom to work on any kind of background.

•Garage Band: It doesn’t matter whether you are a born musician; just download this app to start making music. The pre-recorded loops are always there to fill in the gaps to save your time.

•AVPlayerHD: This application adds dynamism to your mini iPad by enabling it to play Xvid and MKV files which otherwise cant be played on your iPad. Moreover, once installed there is no need to sync your iPad with iTunes for sending videos over Wi-Fi.

•Joe Danger Touch: This gaming app is truly worth the bucks it’s offered at. With excellent controls, just make your way through the courses; reach the finishing line and play again to put all the collectibles on the way in the stuntman’s pocket.

•Twitter Tweetbot: Although there is a free twitter application but you can get a smarter interface and freedom from promoted tweets by paying a few bucks for the Tweetbot. You can also silence alerts and mute some feature as per your liking on your iPad.

•iPad Book Creator: This application is a true treat for those who love not only reading books but at the same time creating them too! Add photos, text, videos and create your own eBook.

•Camera+: With adjustable effects and clarity filter, Camera+ gives you a better creative control over your iPad camera clicks. However the application isn’t recommended for shooting purposes.

•Pyramids 3D: Get the best information on Egyptian Pyramids by downloading this app. You will not only make a virtual tour of these tombs but the app also contains 3D recreations of those parts which are closed for public viewing.

•Hero Academy: Its time to test your strategy skills in this multiplayer Hero Academy game. With an attractive interface, excellent graphics and easier controls there is a lot more depth that the game has to offer to the players.

•MeBooks: If your kid loves story telling then Mebooks allows you not only to download classics like Lady Bird or Peppa Pig but at the same time these can be read aloud through the pre-installed celebrity narrators available with the app. You can also record your own voice while reading aloud the stories and customize tap stuff.

There is no need to go through the long list of applications suitable for your iPad mini, a little help from the above can save you time and energy.

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