Apple maps chief, Richard Williamson, shown the door by Eddy Cue

Written on:November 28, 2012
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Apple Maps

Apple maps application debacle has led to the sacking of two chiefs at the company

Second Apple maps chief was reported to be fired as a result of the Apple maps debacle. Richard Williamson was shown the door after the existing failure of Apple Maps by vice-president, Eddy Cue. Apple CEO, Tim Cook had recently made many changes to the top brass of Apple as he sacked employees working on prominent positions.

Apple maps was the California company’s foray into the mapping services world, which was a failure as depicted by Tim Cook’s apology to Apple users. iOS 6 maps were reported to produce wrong information and lack important data. Eddy Cue took over the departments, which deal with Siri and Maps after Scott Forstall was reported to be ousted from Apple.

Apple has been reported to access third-party help for the improvement of its iOS 6 maps feature. The replacement for Williamson is not known yet, but with Apple firing two senior executives within a span of one month, the iPhone manufacturing company seems to be gearing for some major changes.

Google Maps has been the default service for Apple for the previous years, but Apple decided to go solo with the release of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. Google has been speculated to develop a maps application for iOS users after many consumers demanded to have Google’s map application for the new iPhone.

Despite the sacking of major position holders at Apple and the glaring maps debacle, the sales of iPhone 5 have not diminished as it has produced some great numbers. With the sacking of the second maps chief, Apple might be looking to provide confidence to its users about the seriousness of the company to fix the maps issue.

Scott Forstall’s Apple exit order might be start of radical re-structuring

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  1. Liam says:

    Another sacking at the Apple…this seems to be the new trend to cover the problems at Apple…

  2. Maria says:

    Apple has sacked two chiefs now over the maps debacle…

  3. Harry says:

    Major re-structuring won’t help the problem of Apple maps…

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