Star Trek ‘tractor beam’ regenerated by scientists to help medical testing

Written on:January 25, 2013
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star trek beam

Star Trek style ‘tractor beam’ is hoped to have medical application

The ‘tractor beam’, made legendary by Star Trek, the US science fiction program, has been recreated by scientific researchers. The regeneration of the Star Trek ‘tractor beam’ has been interpreted as a development, which may lead to more effective medical testing. The real-life miniature ‘tractor beam’ will permit a source of light to magnetise objects. The Star Trek ‘tractor beam’ has been regenerated by scientists, hailing from Scotland and the Czech Republic.

The scientists, linked to the Star Trek ‘tractor beam’ experiment, have remarked that the experiment is the initial instance of a beam being employed to pull objects towards light. The scientific researchers, from the Scottish University of St. Andrews and the Czech Institute of Scientific Instruments (ISI), have uttered that the recreation of the Star Trek ‘tractor beam’ may assist medical testing more aptly, such as in the examination of blood samples.

Professor Pavel Zemanek, associated with the ISI, has asserted that the scientific researchers have used a number of years studying numerous configurations of ‘particles delivery’ by light. The professor has expressed his happiness that the Star Trek ‘tractor beam’ experiment has been acknowledged as successful in a competitive environment. The coming time is exciting, assessed the professor, who expressed his eagerness to implement new experiments and applications.

As per Dr Oto Brzobohaty, who hails from the ISI, experiments like the Star Trek ‘tractor beam’ one are producing results, which are creating new opportunities for fundamental phonics as well as ‘life sciences’ applications.

In the programme, Star Trek, a tractor beam was utilised to draw spaceships and other massive objects. Generally, when matter and light meet, a solid object is propelled by the light and carried away in a stream of photons. Lately, however, scientists have understood that there is a space of parametres when this force overturns. Via the Star Trek ‘tractor beam’ experiment, the scientists have shown the first experimental realization of the idea.

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