High phone bill: Tips to reduce the amount of your mobile bill

Written on:February 15, 2013
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High Phone Bill

Users can reduce their phone bill by controlled data usage

High phone bills have been predicted as the annual award season beckons. A BBC research report shows that a third of consumers now stream television programmes via their smartphones and tablets. Carphone Warehouse has tracked data usage of the consumers and stated that some data allowances can be used by watching one awards acceptance speech.

Adrien Brody and Gwyneth Paltrow’s acceptance speeches consumed 14% of the of the average monthly data allowance of the consumer. Carphone Warehouse has compiled a list of tips for the consumers to get the best of out of the data packs. Here are the valuable suggestions:

1. Users should try to utilise Wi-Fi wherever it is possible to stream video and television programs it will save the monthly data allowance. Wi-Fi is also usually faster than 3G networks.

2. Understand one’s data usage and plan and purchase add on data bundles, which suit the user best. The planning will help the consumer to avoid unexpected large mobile bills.

3. Watch a video in standard definition rather than using high definition in order to save data allowance. A higher quality video will use more data than the standard quality video.

In addition to the the guidelines for reducing the data bill, Carphone Warehouse has published a 14-page guide, which helps users to understand every detail about mobile phone data and mobile phones. The guide can be downloaded free of charge from its website. If you wish to save on your mobile bill then follow the above guidelines and purchase a data plan according to your usage.

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