iPhone 5 price check: Comparing the tariffs across phone networks

Written on:November 26, 2012
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iPhone 5

Apple calls the iPhone 5, ‘The next big thing’

The Apple iPhone 5, the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone has lived up to its tagline by becoming the most sought-after smartphone to date. With near flawless design and functionality the only sizable problem seems to be which price package to go with. Here we run through a comparison of the best UK iPhone 5 deals and costing on all major networks’ tariffs.

At the Apple Online Store a SIM-free iPhone 5 16GB variant comes at £529, the 32GB model is placed at £599 and the 64GB version is higher still at £699.


iPhone 5 Deals with 02: Monthly Contract

O2 provides the iPhone 5 at £26-a-month with unlimited call and texts and 1GB of internet data plus £249.99 upfront. The total cost over a two-year period will amount to £873.99. The up-front cost increases with the storage capacity of the iPhone 5 as 32GB variant is priced at £299.99 and 64GB costs £399.99 bringing the total of two years to £923.99 and £1,023.99.

O2 places the iPhone 5 16GB variant free of cost on two 24-month tariffs at £46-a-month with 1GB of internet usage. The two years amount will relieve your wallet by £1,104.

iPhone 5 Deals with Three: Monthly Contract

Three gives the iPhone 5 purchase hopefuls two plans which are:

Ultimate Internet 500: This plan gives unlimited data usage, 500 any network minutes and 5000 texts for £34-a-month in addition to £79 upfront for the 16GB iPhone 5. The two-year deal sums to £895. The 32GB variant costs £89 upfront and £37 for the monthly rental while the 64GB edition will relieve your wallet by £109 upfront and £40 a month. The two-year deal will total to £977 and £1,069 for 32GB and 64GB variants.

One Plan: This plan also includes unlimited data usage, 2000 any network minutes, 5000 texts and 5,000 Three-to-Three minutes for £36-a-month with £79 upfront on a 16GB iPhone 5. The two-year sum amounts to £943. The 32GB variant will come at £89 upfront and £39 a month making the total to £1,025 while the 64GB version is placed at £109 upfront and £42 a month finishing the two-year total at £1,117.

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iPhone 5 Deals with T Mobile (Now Everything Everywhere): Monthly Contract

T-Mobile gives the uses a Full Monty plan, which offers unlimited texts and internet in addition to 2000 minutes for £36-a-month. The 16GB variant costs £109 upfront taking the two-year total to £973, 32GB version requires an upfront payment of £219 making the two-year payable sum to £1,083 and the 64GB edition will decrease your accounts by £269 upfront payment making the total amount to £1,133. Unlimited minutes cost at £41, £46 and £61 according to the memory size of iPhone 5.

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