Solar powered iPhone might be on the horizon as Apple gets patent approval

Written on:February 11, 2013
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Apple solar powered iPhone

Apple has been granted the patent for solar powered panels

Solar powered iPhone might become a reality in the coming days as Apple was granted the patent to utilise solar powered panels. Termed as the next major advancement in smartphones, the solar powered device hints at a paradigm shift in the mobile market. With advances made in every other category of mobile devices, this technology could further enhance smartphone technology.

iPhone has been the major stay for Apple in terms of sales numbers and with the utilisation of solar power, it could be progressing towards a new niche of smartphones. The patent granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office allows Apple to incorporate integrated touch sensor and solar panel configurations.

The technology will integrate the touch panel and solar panel according to the description of the patent. When the user swipes over the screen of the iPhone it will change to a normal touch screen from a solar panel with a help of an algorithm. With battery playing a major role in the performance of the smartphones this technology might help in the functionality of the devices.

The patent described the technology as, “Integrated touch sensor and solar panel configurations that may be used on portable devices, particularly handheld portable devices such as a media player or phone are disclosed. In addition to being used for capacitive sensing, the integrated touch sensor and solar panel configurations may also be used for optical sensing.”

If a solar-powered iPhone is released, then there will be no concerns regarding the battery life of the devices. With many things not going right for Apple after the launch of iPhone 5, this technology could be the turning point for the California giant.

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  1. evan Anderson says:

    How can apple be awarded a patent on an idea that has been openly discussed by people the world over.
    This is not a new idea , All they are trying to do is once again stop the consumer from access to other brands . I personally have hoped this would become available soon since I purchased my Galaxy S2 when it first came out.
    They do not deserve a patent on a item that should be open source.

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