PS4 rumours portray Sony’s console to be better than Microsoft’s Xbox 720

Written on:January 18, 2013
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Xbox and PlayStation rumours

Xbox 720 and PS4 rumours have been rampant in recent times

PS4 and Xbox 720 news have been headlining the tech talk since many days and recent reports suggest that Sony’s new gaming console will be more powerful than Microsoft’s offering. PS4 is reported to be possess a 50% computational power advantage over Xbox 720 according to the information derived from CES 2013.

Developer sources predict that the run-capability of PS4 would be 1.84 teraflops in comparison to the 1.23 teraflops of Xbox 720. The new gaming console from Sony is reported to be code-named as Orbis and Microsoft’s device is code-named as Durango. Both the devices have been building a constant pool of rumours about the features, price and the release date of the gaming consoles.

Xbox 720, however, reportedly will boast more RAM size. Microsoft’s device is rumoured to comprise an 8GB RAM in comparison to the 4GB RAM of Sony PS4. Both the consoles will allegedly have the ability to read Blu-Ray discs, a feature which was previously restricted to PS3.

Though the rumours cannot be confirmed, many media avenues are suggesting that the documents containing the details of the consoles have been leaked during CES 2013. Recent rumours suggest that the official announcement about the release could be made in March with the launch of consoles in November.

PS4 is rumoured to be built on AMD’s A10 APU while the Xbox 720 apparently lists the services of Radeon HD 8770 GPU. The recent rumour might start the age-old debate about which console is better. According to you, which is the better console?

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